HappiTravel® - F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the HappiTravel® platform.

Respect the Consumer!

The HappiTravel® platform is intentionally designed to be as intuitive and transparent as possible. We believe in people... YOU are smart... so we know that by making the information as clear as possible you'll come to the same conclusion as everyone else. It's the biggest no-brainer in history! That said, the following are a collection of the most commonly asked questions and answers. No catches, no gotcha's just hard core value.

How it all works

How can you offer wholesale rates?
At HappiTravel® we do things differently. We get the same wholesale rates from suppliers as mainstream travel providers, but instead of offering it to you at retail (and keeping the margin) we pass the full savings on to you... which is how you have the incredible access to rock-bottom wholesale rates found here. We then offer a range of upgrade options (the cost of which is less than the amount you immediately stand to save) creating a complete "no-brainer" situation for our customers.

We believe in empowering the consumer! People are smart. So we trust you! You shouldn't have to take our word for it... we make everything fully transparent so you can see the value for yourself before ever touching your wallet. No pressure. No catches or gotcha's. No tricks or smoke and mirrors. Just insanely great value that can't be ignored!

Instead of spending millions on TV advertising, we pass the value directly to you through the wholesale rates... then depend on you to spread the word to others!
What is a HappiPass®?
The HappiPass® is what you get when you enroll for free. It provides you a $100 travel savings card you can use to pay down the price from retail to wholesale on hotel reservations, no strings attached. Yes, it's free money. We want you to experience the platform and see the savings for yourself. Why pay retail?
Is membership really free?
Absolutely. There is no cost to enroll your HappiTravel® account. Yup... no catches or sinking feeling in your stomach by being "tricked" into anything! Gaining your TRUST is our highest priority. But with so many scams and things out there, we understand (and expect) you to be skeptical. That's why we build trust incrementally. Your free account gets you access to save up to $100 on a hotel reservation using your HappiPass. We want you to explore and see the value for yourself! You can remain a free member and book travel at the reduced rates, no strings attached. Or you can upgrade your account and get access to the even lower HappiPrice® rate (where the amount saved typically exceeds the cost of the upgrade). It literally costs you more NOT to upgrade!

Again, it's all about building trust with our customers. We don't need to force you to pay to enroll when the value of the platform is so transparent. We've designed the VIP upgrade to be a complete no-brainer because your immediate savings typically exceeds the cost.
Why should I upgrade?
Well... unless you have one of those rare allegies to "money"... you're going to want to upgrade!

As a free member you get access to TONS of value. You can book travel at wholesale rates. But there's sooooo much more available!

The cool thing about HappiTravel® is we wear our value on our sleeve. You can see us coming from a mile away. We've intentionally designed the platform to be as intuitive and transparent as possible because... we WANT you to be able to quickly and easily evaluate the bottom line value. Simply put, if you travel at all (or want to) it costs you MORE not to be an upgraded member than it does to upgrade!

Our VIP membership is just $99/yr and gives you full access to the lowest HappiPrice® rates throughout the platform. You have full flexibility to book the dates and destinations you want just like mainstream booking engines except you'll pay pennies on the dollar for each reservation. No caps, no limits on the amount you can save. Most people save more than the entire annual fee on their first reservation.
What are the platform components?
We're glad you asked... the platform is very intuitive, but just to give you a high level thumbnail of what you've got in your hands...

The HappiHotels booking engine works just like any mainstream travel site except it provides you access to wholesale rates (up to 60% or more below retail!) You can search for properties worldwide (over 2.5 million hotels and resorts!)

The HappiResorts weekly rental platform gives you access to over 4,000+ resorts globally and the ability to save up to 80% off of retail rates! There's a wide range of options for rooms and amenities and no black out dates or limitations on usage.

The HappiCruises wholesale engine offers over 18,000+ unique itineraries and 42,000+ sailings worldwide on dozens of major cruiselines. These are the same brand names you know and trust, just at wholesale rates with no limitations.

The Vacation Rentals engine provides access to over 500,000 incredible listings for condos, apartments, homes, and more. It's a massive inventory of diverse properties, but all available at incredible wholesale rates.

The Flights engine provides unique access to save up to 50% on business class tickets (availability is much less frequent than with the rest of the platform, but when the savings is available why not take advantage?!)

The Rental Cars & Transfers engines include all the same major carriers and brands you're familiar with, just at wholesale rates. Whatever transpotation you need to get from point A to B you can find it here.

The Activities & Events engine gives you access to a full range of categories to book everything from tours, tickets, sightseeing, culture, events and more. Why pay more for the exact same thing?
Are you serious with this HappiScience stuff?
Dead serious! In a world that's started talking a lot more about "science" in recent years, we think it's important to back it up with independent peer-reviewed third party studies. We've been talking about HappiScience since 2019 and cite 100's of articles and studies that make the case. Vacations are more than just fun... there are proven links that show travel can have a profoundly positive impact on your well being. Sure, it's fun to talk about from a marketing perspective as well... but we encourage you to read some reviews and take a minute to reflect on the stress & anxiety that exists in the world we all live in together... and learn more about how travel can truly benefit your wellbeing!
Who/how many people does my membership cover?
Your HappiTravel® membership applies to you and your household. i.e. if you are married with kids living at home, all of you can book using a single membership. Otherwise, each family member outside your household will need their own membership.
What is wholesale vs. HappiPrice®?
Free members have access to save up to $100 through the hotel booking engine. Yes, free members get to book below retail. However, in order to access all of the other booking engines as well as be able to book at the super low HappiPrice® rate you must upgrade your account to the VIP level. Why do we do that? Simple, we're all about trust and transparency. We want you to be able to kick the tires and see for yourself how much you are losing by not using the HappiHotels engine!
Does HappiTravel® work like other booking engines?
Yes... except of course, it provides wholesale rates up to 60%, even 80% or more below retail.
How do I get the biggest discounted rates?
Hotels, resorts, and travel suppliers are the ones that control how many rooms they make available at wholesale rates. As with rooms priced at retail, availability is fluid and constantly changing. If you have a specific property in mind, you can search for it for a particular date and there may or may not be rooms available at wholesale. However, if you want to maximize your savings the best approach is to search by date/destination and then sort by Discount (high to low). This will provide a list of all properties and the biggest discounts.

Keep in mind that you could go back and do the exact same search a few days (or even a few hours) later and it's possible you'll get different results. Again, inventory is constantly changing and so the available inventory is displayed dynamically. If your dates are flexible, you may also want to try adjusting them to see if additional properties are available or offer even lower wholesale rates on different dates.
The search engines are loading slow?
The booking engines on HappiTravel® are literally pulling from 100's of wholesale feeds so search results take a few seconds longer to load than mainstream travel sites (which are simply displaying a retail rate directly from a database). We are constantly optimizing the system, which outperforms any other wholesale engine out there.
Where is my booking history?
You can find a history of your reservations by accessing the platform and clicking your name from the top/right of the screen, and clicking the Booking History link.
Can I cancel my reservation?
It depends. It's important to take note of the cancellation policy outlined by each property before booking. The property detail screen will display whether the reservation is refundable or not, and in the case it is, the terms of the amount refundable and date by which the reservation must be cancelled.

While many reservations are fully refundable, it's important to keep in mind that in some cases the reason why the wholesale rate is so low is because the reservation is non-refundable. These terms are controlled by each property and not by HappiTravel®. Sometimes that's the cost of getting such amazing discounts. If you require more flexbility look for listings that do offer cancellation options (often times you can pay just a small amount more, still getting a very deep wholesale discount, in order to be able to cancel up until a certain date).
Can I get 24/7 live support?
Yes you can. When you access the platform you can click the live chat icon and will be immediately connected to one of our agents. Alternatively, you can call the toll free number included in the Confirmation Email you receive for the reservation. In either case we provide live customer support 24/7 to assist you.

In the rare event you encounter a problem with your reservation, even while on site at a property, please contact us immediately so we can assist you in resolving the issue.
How can the rates be this low?
Honestly? Because retail is for suckers. Sorry to be so direct... but ultimately that's what it comes down to. Most people simply don't know they're getting played by mainstream travel sites. Don't feel bad, we've all been there. Now you know better...

The reality of the travel industry is there are massive margins available. Big travel online booking engines sell it to you at retail and pocket the rest. At HappiTravel® we pass the savings on to you. And yes, it can be up to 80% or more in the case of condos.
Do I have to stay for a full week on HappiResorts reservations?
Nope. As you explore HappiResorts you'll find a range of options... 7-day reservations are the most common, although in some cases 5-day or even 3-day options are available. Regardless though, you don't have to stay the entire time. The rates are so low, it's not uncommon for customers to book a full week at a resort condo, only stay a couple nights, and it still costs less than booking a room retail at a hotel which isn't anywhere as nice as the resort!

Billing & Payments

What is the monthly fee?
There are NO monthly fees to book travel at HappiTravel®, ever.

By the way... why would you pay a monthly fee for something you don't use every month? Just sayin.
Do you automatically charge my credit card?
Would you like us to? ;-) Of course there's no cost for free members whatsoever. When you upgrade your account you can designate whether or not you want to have the annual renewal occur automatically. (You can also update this setting by going to My Account and clicking the Billing tab). We recommend automatic renewal so you don't accidentally lose HappiCash credits or other benefits that disappear in the event you forget your payment.
What happens if I don't renew?
World ending, cataclysmic disaster... Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

Actually, it's bad but maybe not quite that bad. You'll lose all of your accumulated HappiCash. So that would suck (and is non-reversible). Your account will revert to a free account which will still give you access to book at reduced rates, but no longer get the super low HappiPrice® rate. You would also not receive the complimentary HappiTravel® Renewal Bonus Vacation as well. Serious bummer!
What is the HappiTravel® Renewal Bonus Vacation?
It's a major annual benefit of the HappiTravel® VIP account! Similar to top tier co-branded airline credit cards that offer a free companion pass each year when you pay the renewal fee, the HappiTravel® Renewal Bonus Vacation is designed to reward customer loyalty. Each year when you pay the $99 to renew your membership you'll receive a complimentary 7-Night Luxury Resort Getaway valued at up to $2,163.00! That's more than 21 times the renewal fee, congratulations! This trip applies for up to 4-adults and you can choose from over 3,500 destinations worldwide. Pay only taxes and a small processing fee. As soon as your renewal payment is processed we will send you an email containing the link to redeem your vacation. You must do so within 30-days, however you have up to 24-months to take your vacation.
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