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Be Happy. Travel.®

It's more than a slogan. It's our culture, our crusade, our way of life!

Enroll today - Get instant access to start booking hotels, resorts, cruises and more at the lowest wholesale rates available.

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With wholesale savings up to 80% or more, most customers save far more than the membership fee on their very first reservation. We've created the biggest no-brainer since the the invention of the... well, ah... the brain!

No savings caps or limits. No blackout dates. You'll never pay retail again for travel.

HappiTravel® works just like other online booking engines except the search results return the wholesale rates available. It's the wholesale membership club for travelers!

"The world's premier wholesale travel platform!"

Unlimited usage, book as often as you want, no blackout dates or caps on savings

HappiHotels® Booking Engine

  • Over 2,500,000+ hotels & resorts
  • Save up to 60% or more off of retail rates!

HappiResorts Vacation Rentals

  • Over 4,000+ resorts worldwide!
  • Save up to 80% or more off of retail rates!

HappiCruises® Wholesale Engine

  • 18,000+ unique itineraries!
  • 42,000+ sailings worldwide!

HappiFlights Booking Engine

  • Save up to 50% on business class!
  • Major airlines all over the world!

Rentals Cars & Transfers

  • Wholesale rates to get you from A to B!
  • Same major carriers and brands you use now!

Activities & Events

  • Tours, tickets, events, food, culture and more!
  • Massive inventory to meet your needs!


Your Vacation Savings Account!

Put your next trip on layaway! HappiCash credits can be redeemed to pay for any reservation on the platform without restriction. It's designed as a convenience to help you set money aside to build up funds for your next great trip! You can adjust the purchase amount at any time, or disable monthly purchases altogether.

Once you've made just 6 monthly payments you'll earn a complementary vacation... all for just setting money aside to book your travel at insane wholesale rates!

Why do we do it?
Because we actually want you leverage your membership to travel and save tons of money using the platform!
You are wasting money every time you travel by not being a HappiTravel® member!
It's the ultimate no-brainer!

Easy-To-See Savings

View our wholesale rate for each reservation right along side the real-time rate of mainstream booking engines.

Transparent Comparisons

Quickly see pricing with "taxes included" and other fees for accurate apples-to-apples savings comparisons.

Powerful Tools

Uncompromising search tools, dynamic maps, search history, preference based auto-suggested properties and more!

Intuitive Features

Easily access different room types, property photos, filters, sorting, and ratings... just click and go!

Ready to stop paying retail?

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Getting started is easy! Enroll today and get access to the lowest wholesale rates available... lower rates than even travel agents have access to!

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Become a member today... it's more than just fun!

Scientists say travel is proven to have a profoundly positive impact on your well being.

We live in a world filled with stress & anxiety where most people can't even afford to take a great vacation. Whether it's a limitation of time or money, most of us simply put our heads down and power on without realize the negative impact this can cause.

We recognize that the cost of travel is the biggest factor preventing most people from taking an amazing trip... and we're out to solve that. By offering deeply cut wholesale rates your HappiTravel® membership provides you access to premium vacations that can literally impact your life.

Whether it's elevating your happiness, relieving stress & anxiety, or strengthening your social connections and relationships... travel is a very real solution. But don't take our word for it, review some of the independent third party studies listed below.

Go ahead... dig deeper and see for yourself!

Check out the incredible things the independent third party studies have found about the benefits of travel.

Our Proven Unique Powerful Tested Technology is Your Unfair Advantage

Since 1996 the revolutionary technology behind the HappiTravel® platform was ONLY available through specialized corporate licenses. It's processed more than 20 million system users in 163 countries! Our innovations have led the industry since the birth of the Internet.

Bulletproof Systems Professional Grade

Creative Solutions

Our creativity and vision has driven competitors crazy for years! Our solutions stick.

Insane Innovations

For decades we've racked up a string of industry firsts that eventually become the market standard.

Often Imitated

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and 100's of companies have flattered us to death!

Never Equaled

Nothing can even come close because they can't compete with all the unique components we provide!

At HappiTravel® we're passionate about helping people afford amazing vacations because you deserve it! We just think you shouldn't have to pay retail and give all that money away to Big Travel.


Intellectual Property


Powerful & Proven


Global Capacity


Waiting For You

Don't Take Our Word For It...

People are raving about HappiTravel® because it's the real deal!

Check out some of our latest user reviews and the steady stream of 5-star ratings and incredible heartfelt feedback!


Save Money... Travel More... Be Happi !

Enroll today and join the revolution... welcome home!

Cross Platform Compatibility

Fully functional for desktop and all types of mobile devices.

HappiScience® Approved

Come on now... isn't it past time to start having fun again?!?

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